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Bora Bora Cultural & Lagoon Tour

Newly created, our small family business aims to offer a prestigious service by offering visitors from around the world an unforgettable immersion in nature on the lagoon or on the family motu to live, for a moment, the life of a Polynesian and discover the hidden treasures of the Pacific.

Bora Bora differently
Polynesian culture
Pleasure on the lagoon.

Specializing in private tours, I will be your guide, Nariihau. Indeed, having a few years of experience in this field and the qualifications required to propose my own activity, I decided to offer you a different and original service.

To do this, I welcome you aboard my Polynesian canoe named "OTI'A ARE", Tahitian name which means a lot for my family and myself. Indeed, it represents our jewel and it is with great love that we chose this name so that our guests are continually protected by the sea and the waves that form a boundary / barrier of protection around it, of where OTI'A => Limit and ARE => Wave.

Its modern and typically local layout makes it unique but also arouses the curiosity of all: net-hammock on the pendulum, integrated musical atmosphere, blue led lit during cruises at sunset, very comfortable interior living room in small braided (material plant produced locally), sunbath in the front to lie in the open air. The tattoos drawn on the edges of the canoe are representative of the value and the spirit that we wanted to give to Bora Bora Cultural Lagoon Tour. You will find the strong symbols that appear there:

  • The turtle represents longevity
  • The sun represents success and brilliance
  • Braids represent the very strong family connection in our family
  • The waves because the sea is our playground
  • The majestic manta ray
  • Signs of protection
  • Health because it is essential in life

Cultural tours are less developed in Bora Bora and it is through days rich in emotion: weaving, Polynesian tradition, tasting of Polynesian dishes, experience the different local flavors, history and heritage of the island, fauna and flora that i will make you love my little piece of paradise.

  1. The tour "Land and Sea"

    An tour that brings together the discovery of the lagoon aboard Oti'a Are and culture on our motu (islet) family.

    - Full day: 3 spots in the water + lunch + 1 cultural workshop + va'a
    - Half day: 2 spots in the water + 2 cultural workshops + va'a

The lagoon tours are very popular in Bora Bora for the multitude of marine animals to observe. I propose you to live an unforgettable experience, authentic and safe equipped with palm, mask and snorkel to admire the rays, the different types of sharks, fish with multiple colors, turquoise blue lagoon.

  1. The "Lagoon Tour"

    An experience exclusively based on the exploration of creatures living in the sea.

    - Full day: 3 spots in the water + lunch + stroll in the botanical garden of one hectare
    - Half day: 3 spots in the water + fruit tasting on the sandbank

You can find the details of the services on this page.

Specialist of private tour, it is possible to perform shared or combined tours on demand. To do this, click on "contact" at the top right of the page so that I can quickly answer you.




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News & Novelties

outrigger canoe bora-bora lagoon tour

Try out yourself with the polynesian outrigger and look how concentration, skills, balance and some muscle you should need ! Unique activities with us.

Polynesian culture

cultural tours bora bora tiare flower

During our stop on our private motu, the Polynesian cuture will be presented to you and you will learn how make garlands of fresh flowers ans sea shells.

Bora Bora authenticity

narii bora bora lagoon tours guide

The lagoon, the Polynesian culture, the history of Bora Bora the authentic will be told you during your excursion in the discovery of this jewel of the Pacific

Narii, your guide

bora bora ukulele polynesian song

Narii, will share with you his love of Bora Bora, still with the smile and never far from his ukulele, that making your day more unique and memorable !