Full day Land and Sea group tour

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With Narii, your 100% Polynesian guide, discover the translucent lagoon of Bora Bora with its incredibly beautiful turquoise blue color gradations and swim among hundreds of species of tropical fish.

On our private motu "islet", learn the culture and flora of Bora Bora with our workshops.

A new and unique experience is also offered to you to learn to row aboard a real Va'a "Polynesian canoe".

Narii, your attentive guide and always with the little care will make you live like a Polynesian for a day.

Lagoon excursion

Embark aboard the very first Polynesian canoe with a net and a traditional layout. Narii, will guide you to the sound of the ukulele and a musical atmosphere in the heart of the turquoise blue lagoon. Equipped with fins, masks and snorkel, meet stingrays and black tip sharks in shallow water during a first stop and for the bravest, off our coasts, a second stop to swim with the famous lemon sharks. An exhilarating adventure where aquatic life intertwines with magical and multicolored shades of colors on the edge of the coral reef.

lunch break


After this morning rich in discoveries, when the sun is at its highest, Narii will slowly begin to head towards our small private island or "motu" where a delicious meal consisting of dishes with local flavors will be served with white wine or rose and local beers.

You can taste it with your feet in the water or on the white sand in an idyllic setting and to the rhythm of a ukulele.

Discovery, culture and exceptional experience

Enjoy a unique and adventurous getaway on our magnificent one hectare motu in a jovial and caring atmosphere. Narii will make you discover a part of our culture through 43 fruit trees and medicinal plants.


Explore the motu to discover a varied and generous nature, captioned by explanatory panels translated into two languages and told by Narii.

Life-size workshops to reproduce the gestures, even the simplest of our ancestors will be offered to you, and depending on the season, you will initiate yourself in the making of a flower wreath or shell bracelet.

Participate in the fruit harvest and understand their benefits or taste Polynesian dishes.

You will become part of our culture.


Each year, in November, the biggest rowing race in the world takes place "Hawaiki Nui" where thousands of Polynesian and international rowers come to compete to cross the leeward islands (Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa and Bora Bora) over three days.

The only Bora Bora graduate who offers this unique and highly appreciated experience, Narii will make you live in the shoes of one of these rowers aboard his traditional canoe.

You are guaranteed, with laughter, to row in shallow waters where white sand and turquoise water mix.